About London Bridge

Who have never heard about the famous London Bridge? Few people, we believe. But we think that there are even less who kwon something about its importance for London or its history. For those and other persons who may want to enrich their general knowledge or are simply curios, we try to sketch some features of London Bridge. We hope that you will enjoy and this thing will determine to come to or return in this beautiful place.

London Bridge is a bridge over River Thames; it is situated in London and connects Southwark and City of London. It was opened on 17 March 1973 and is part of a succession of bridges being the latest in this succession. London Bridge is often mistaken for Tower Bridge which is the next bridge downstream. Besides these things, it is considered to be a historical and vibrant district in the heart of London.

The existence of this bridge reminds us of the Roman occupation, 2000 years ago; the Roman architecture consist of an abundance of ornament which nowadays disappeared. In medieval times, the bridge was rebuilt after its fall during Roman occupation; the bridge was destroyed by the Norwegian colonies. The new bridge was a beautiful construction with 19 small arches and a drawbridge with a defensive gatehouse. During 19th century, this medieval bridge was replaced by another bridge; this bridge is famous thanks to its granite which can be found in Haytor, a region in England. There is also a modern version of bridge which in present is one of the symbols of London.

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